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To influence electoral outcomes, our communities must be united and organized. And we know electoral politics will not solve all of our problems.

That's why MASA is organizing neighborhood pods — hyper-local community support networks that will help build solidarity with our neighbors. 
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(Will not be shared publicly. Neighborhood Captains will be added to a text chain with other captains, moderated by a MASA staffer. Opt out from the text chain is available).
(So we can map out our pods).
I agree to abide by the following principles
1) Our first priority is the health, safety and well being of everyone in our community. We will follow all recommended health and safety COVID protocols and ask those in our pods to follow them too.

2) We will try to ensure that those in our community with the least resources have access to the support networks we create.

3) We will remain respectful of our neighbors and community and not engage in or tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise oppressive language and behavior.

4) We will do our best to trust our neighbors to know their own needs and we will reserve judgment on those needs.

5) We will try to be conscious of any privilege or power we hold, and engage in self-reflection in our communications and actions.