Our program

The Three C’s of Masa Fund Concept

As a united Corporation, we collaborate with other organizations in the Community to empower and support our Clients in achieving their housing goals. Together, we create a formidable force for positive change.


A united organization working in collaboration with other community partners.


Fostering strong partnerships and collaboration to empower families.


Supporting and guiding individuals towards achieving their housing goals.

Community building is a fundamental source in providing housing assistance to foster a sense of community and belonging among MASA families and help them integrate into American society. It’s an opportunity to promote diversity in supporting these families in their needs for inclusiveness in American communities. MASA Fund bridges the gap between local governments and hard-to-reach communities, such as partnering with Osceola County on the "Pathway to Housing Initiative" to heighten our efforts and achieve tangible results. Overall, providing these services can help improve their quality of life, increase their access to education and employment opportunities, and promote social and economic integration into American society for the MASA community

Breaking Barriers to Affordable Housing

At Masa Fund, we understand the challenges families face when trying to access decent and affordable housing. To ensure no one is left behind, we address barriers such as income disparities, education, affordable housing availability, transportation access, and mental health concerns. Through our program, we provide financial literacy education, credit counseling, and employment opportunities to all our valued Clients.

Putting Together a Consortium of Collaborators

A coalition is a group of individuals, businesses, or governments who collaborate to find solutions to housing issues in their own communities.

Building Impactful Partnerships and Referrals

We partner with Operation Hope, Credit.org, Career Source Central Florida, Valencia College, and Second Harvest to provide financial literacy, credit counseling, employment, and education to our customers.

Empowering Through a Comprehensive POH Curriculum

We aim to create a comprehensive curriculum that includes Financial Literacy, Credit Clinic, Homebuyer Education, Housing Counseling, and Rental Education.


Empowering Landlords, Employers, and Clients

We believe in the power of education and training to create positive change. Our program aims to empower 25% of landlords and employers through education, fostering an environment where they can make meaningful contributions to housing accessibility. Additionally, we strive to attain home ownership for 10% of Clients and facilitate rental opportunities for 6% of Clients, promoting housing stability and financial independence.